About Me

Ben grew up in Farmington Utah, in Davis County. After high school, he joined the military and served on active duty for four years, and then in the Utah Air National Guard for a few more years (at which point (as you can see) he stopped getting haircuts and shaving). He was part of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) in 2006 and again in 2008. He currently works as a Software Engineer/Architect and Cybersecurity Specialist in Lehi, Utah.

A couple of years ago Ben and Vanessa moved to Eagle Mountain to be closer to the Silicon Slopes tech scene. Eagle Mountain attracted them because it had a much more rural/open feel than surrounding communities but was still a sane commuting distance to Lehi. Since being here, Eagle Mountain has felt very much like home.

Issues that are important to Ben include cost of living (housing affordability), government transparency (sunlight is the most powerful disinfectant), and responsible use of tax money (which belongs to the citizens). Managing growth in a responsible way and keeping taxes low are top priorities.

Politics and philosophy have been areas of interest for Ben for all of his adult life, particularly around liberty. While individual issues are varied and often quite nuanced, the general principle that Ben believes is that things should be done at the lowest/most local level as possible. If you are ever bored, Ben is also always up for a discussion about political contractarianism.

One of Ben's favorite quotes:

Of what sort am I? One of those who would be glad to be refuted if I say anything untrue, and glad to refute anyone else who might speak untruly; but just as glad, mind you, to be refuted as to refute, since I regard the former as the greater benefit

-- Socrates

Some Pictures of me and my Family

My girls showing off the dresses I brought back for them from Mexico City:

Trying to look Egyptian at the Mayan exhibit in SLC:

You gotta vote for someone who loves babies like this ;-) (This is our youngest):

Our whole family last fall in Provo Canyon: